Justus Kibiwot (Korir)
Child ID: K04-CFH-074

About Me
My name is Justus Kibiwot (Korir). I'm a 22-year-old boy.

My birthday is
July 18, 2001.
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Kaptagat Children's Home



My Story

Justus’ father passed away in 2010. After purchasing pesticide for his small vegetable garden, Justus’ father visited a local bar for a few drinks. As he went home drunk, he had two bottles in his pockets: his beer and the pesticide. On his way home, he mistakenly drank the pesticide and it killed him. Justus and his siblings continued on under the care of their unemployed and extremely impoverished mother. She cannot find employment as she does not have a formal education. She can only work as a casual laborer in neighbor’s vegetable gardens. This however has not generated enough income to adequately provide care for her children. Justus and his siblings often miss school due to a lack of finances, and are often left without food. Other basic necessities of life in this family have been left unmet because Justus’ mother is not able to provide them.