Support Education

Why support education?

Providing education to every child that is enrolled in our program is one of the highest priorities for Chariots for Hope. Our desire is that every child would have the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty for their family through education and future career opportunities.

Chariots for Hope prioritizes providing education to every child until they reach their highest level of education potential. This may be high school, college, and even further education such as medical school. Because of this, education is the biggest expense and the greatest need.

Education is a Privilege
We believe every child in Kenya should receive this privilege!

Provide Educational Tools

In order to be successful in school, every child is required to wear a uniform, have a textbook, and have school supplies. Children in high school or college require technology to be successful.

In addition to tuition, it is important that we provide these tools for children to be successful. Consider supplying tools today!