Bravin Ogoti Stella
Child ID: K01-CFH-117

About Me
My name is Bravin Ogoti Stella. I'm a 19-year-old boy.

My birthday is
September 27, 2004.
Children's Home

Maai Mahiu Children's Home



My Story

Bravin’s mother was impregnated by a man who was not her husband. He later disowned both of them. It was solely up to Bravin’s mother to provide for her son. She was working temporary jobs but did not earn enough income to cover the house rent and food. The landlord chased them out of their home and they have been homeless. Bravin has not been able to attend school as there is no money to pay for his school fees. The environments that Bravin and his mother have been living in are dangerous and not conducive for a child to grow.