Dennis Kiprop (big)
Child ID: K04-CFH-084

About Me
My name is Dennis Kiprop (big). I'm a 22-year-old boy.

My birthday is
April 1, 2001.
Children's Home

Kaptagat Children's Home



My Story

Dennis and his older brother do not know their father. Dennis’ mother was kicked out of her matrimonial home. She later got married elsewhere leaving Dennis and his brother with their grandmother. The brothers were not welcomed in their mother’s new home as they were considered outsiders. In 2010, their situation worsened when their grandmother passed away. Dennis and his brother were temporally taken by their mother’s sister who lives around Kaptagat Children’s Home and works as a causal laborer. However, their basic needs where not being met as there are five other children living with their aunt, and there is no consistent source of income. Being concerned about Dennis’ future and devoted to see him succeed in life, his aunt decided to look for a long term solution through Kaptagat Children’s Home.